The Lowdown

  • Then and Now

    The Hockley Flyover is a large concrete  overpast on the A41 in West Birmingham built c1968 not far from Birmingham City Centre. It includes a series of subway tunnels and large public space that run underneath in an area known as Hockley Circus - click here to read more. 

  • The Wall - Public Art

    As part of the construction of Hockley Circus in c1968 it included a large public art concrete wall by the late British Sculpture William Mitchell which lies underneath the main flyover (A41) spanning three corners of the public space - click here to read more 

  • The Right to Write

    Birmingham is graffiti city and since the late 1980s graffiti writers have written on the walls under the Hockley Flyover and specifically the five subway tunnels. We carried out a photo survey to explore a) what graffiti is present b) the battle over space between graffiti writers and Birmingham City Council and c) how urban spaces provide spaces for creative expression and are a mode of communication - read more here.

  • Underused Space 

    We carried out a photo survey and engaged with some local people to learn more about some of the issues that are having an impact on using the space and public perceptions of the area. We also asked Birmingham City Council a number of questions to help us understand the issues faced here - read more here

Hockley Flyover Project is a Ghost Streets project

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