Re-imagined William Mitchell's Concrete Sculptured Wall in Hockley Circus by artist Tracey Thorne

As part of the Hockley Flyover project local artist Tracey Thorne made a series of nine cyanotypes  as part of an arts initiative to try and re-imagine the areas around the Hockley Flyover (A41) in Birmingham. 


William Mitchell (born 1925) was a British sculpture famous for his large scale concrete sculptures. The large concrete wall was built around 1968 within the public space known as Hockley Circus that runs under the Hockley Flyover A41 overpast. William Mitchell died in January 2020 one month before Tracey Thorne started to photograph his wall.


As the UK went in to lockdown in March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic Tracey carried on photographing the wall during a series of reflective lock-down walks. Presenting them as a series of cyanotypes made also during lock-down draws on the power of the colour blue - which often evokes strong emotions connected to peace, calmness, grieve and serenity.


Here a section of Mitchell's wall is evoking those emotions to re-imagine the dreariness and harshness of the grey concrete as a serenity wall. 


The series was produced with public funding from Arts Council England. All images are copyright of Tracey Thorne (2020).