Underused Space 


We carried out a photo survey and engaged with some local people to learn more about some of the issues that are having an impact on use of the space and public perceptions of the area. We also asked Birmingham City Council a number of questions to help us understand the issues faced here. Here are some examples of the main issues highlighted from our photo survey. 



Despite the large public space under the flyover and surrounding green space few people use the area other than passing through. The areas spans three local authority wards and suffers from a lack of leadership to create a plan to utilize the space and resolve some of the longstanding issues.   



People told us they are put off using the space due to it looking neglected with dumped rubbish, broken glass and litter a frequent problem. Birmingham City Council do undertake street cleaning but it is insufficient to keep up with the problem. 



The area is officially an alcohol restriction zone order but despite this groups of men regularly drink in the space. There is a high amount of alcohol related litter and people told us this puts them off using the space.   


Fear of Crime

The design of the flyover with its subways, low lighting and social problems such as street drinking increase people's fear of using the space for recreation. Better management could reduce this fear and manage any anti social behavior. Reported crime in the area has been a problem n the past but, West Midlands Police told us they get few complaints.